Losing weight is NOT about numbers ~

Weighing daily will do nothing but discourage you. Weight naturally fluctuates during the day, so the information you get by weighing daily (or even worse, more than once a day) is completely irrelevant.

To get an accurate weight, weigh no more than once a week, same day of the week, approx. the same time. Preferably first thing in the morning after eliminating and before eating.

Do this for a few weeks and then you will be able to see true results – whether up or down.

There are so many other, more accurate ways. Like how your clothes fit. Or “before and after” pictures. Or BMI count. More energy….The list goes on. Yes, the scale is a decent measure, but make sure you are using a different way to measure success along with the scale. I am glad I have these other measures in place because if I didn’t I would probably still be down on myself for not being the weight that I think I should be. . I will get there, I promise. But I am getting to the point and age where “scale weight loss” will be much slower going. I just have to make sure I do not get discouraged by what that yucky old scale flashes back at me!! I have not weighed myself for over a year and this is the longest I have stuck to any plan!!!

Ditch the scale, or at least ditch using ONLY the scale to measure.

I never said this would be easy, but I love the rewards!!


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