My challenge for ‘ME’ is to follow these guidelines and get into an exercise routine ~ I’m going to post my progress… probably not daily but certainly weekly… on how I’m doing.        (keep it real, keep it honest, keep it for me)


Meat & Protein without additives:

– Red Meat

– Poultry

– Seafood

– Game Meat

– Pork

– Eggs


The Greener the better!

– Spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc

– Sweet potato, eggplant, carrots, tomatoes

Fresh or frozen (with no additives!)

– The list of veggies is ENDLESS! There are a ton of options out there!


Vibrant colors – berries are best, but all non-processed fruits are OK!

– Citrus, melon, apples, plums, peaches, etc.


Pressed oils

(Olive oil, avocado oil, Coconut oil)

– Avocado

– Bacon (uncured)

– Whole butter

– Nuts & Seeds – (any that can be consumed in a raw state, not peanuts!)

– Almonds

– Cashews

– Walnuts

– Chestnuts

– Pistachios

Brown Rice/Quinoa


– WATER!!!

– Natural flavored water (add lemons, apple slices, cinnamon, cucumber, orange, mint, etc.)

– Teas

– Black coffee

– Coconut milk

– Almond milk

In moderation:

– Whole wheat

– Whole grains

– Dairy



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